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Department 5: Complex Systems & Artificial Intelligence

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Recommendation Digitalization Recommender Systems Musculoskeletal model Systèmes de recommandation Data mining Apprentissage par renforcement Diversity Big data Brain-computer interface Archives and Management of Cultural Patrimony Dynamic neural fields Intraoperative awareness Protein docking Motor imagery Reinforcement Learning Deep learning Behavioral diversity Artificial intelligence Multi-agent Automatic indexing Wearable sensors Big Data Link Prediction Retina Robotique Modélisation BCI Machine learning Interfaces cerveau-ordinateur Ontology Electroencephalography Reinforcement learning Multi-model Hippocampus Co-simulation Information and Communication Technologies Sequential pattern mining POMDP Computational neuroscience Parkinson's disease Digital Document Unsupervised learning Apprentissage Evolutionary robotics Exploitation User Modeling Collective Intelligence and Media Human-robot physical interaction Exploration Knowledge representation and Semantic Web Human-robot interaction Memory Clustering GrAPFI Mémoire Exoskeleton Asynchronous cellular automata Brain-Computer Interface E-Learning and Virtual Libraries Higher education Neuroscience Bioinformatics Decision tree Fouille de données Quality diversity Diversité Robustness Recommandation Semantic filtering EPortfolio Natural language processing NLP Trust Learning Interaction General anesthesia Optimization Traces Protein function annotation Learning Analytics Intelligence artificielle Recurrence analysis Human walking Simulation Label propagation EEG Robotics Informational and technological watch MAP-Elites Recommender systems Brain-Computer Interfaces Propofol Self-Organizing Maps Metaheuristic Collaborative filtering Central pattern generator DEVS Ergonomics CAPRI Neural networks